Art Business News Summer 2015

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It is wonderful news to be chosen in the top 40 artist to watch in 2015.

Art Expo New York.

May 23rd 2015. All set up and ready for the opening.

'Elemental Energy - Night Life'
Abstract - 20" x 60". Oil on canvas. The first for us to sell at the show. Depicts the NY skyline during the dissipation of energy whilst the city rests under a full moon.

World Wide Art - Los Angeles Convention Centre

My first USA Art show experience. October 2014.

Another work that will be displayed in New York.

'Desert Encounter' 18" x 48". At Art Expo New York , April 23rd - 26th 2015

Painting of the month

'For Your Eye's Only' Oil on canvas. 30" x 48".
Yet again Nature provides all the inspiration one could ever desire.
Increase the image size and then really enjoy.

For Art Expo New York

'Elemental Meeting - Fire and Ice' 36" x 58"
Look for me at booth # S313 in the SOLO section of Art Expo New York, April 23- 26.

Los Angeles - World Wide Art.

World Wide Art - Los Angeles.
At the Los Angeles Convention center.
October 16th - 19th 2014
Booth # 405
Instant Enchantment

Exhibition opening - Santa Fe, New Mexico.

                                    Land of Enchantment II

 5.00 to 7.00 pm
22, August 2014
'Land of enchantment'
Santa Fe Art Collector - Gallery.
217 Galisteo St
Santa Fe
New Mexico

Asia Contemporary Art Show - Hong Kong

Great fun and energy. The public were so interested and appreciative of my work. A very fun and successful trip in every way.

Asia Contemporary Art Show

Next Exhibition - The Asia Contemporary Art Show , May 2013 in Hong Kong.

I am busy preparing for this show and very much looking forward to the whole experience of exhibiting in Hong Kong.

Here are two of the 20 works that will be part of the exhibition.

'Dancing Light' Oil - 900 x 1200 mm ( 36" x  48" )

'Take your Seats' Oil - 600 x 1350 mm ( 24" x  54" )

The exhibition runs from the 23rd to the 26th May 2013.
At the Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong.

Painting of the month. A commissioned work.

Commissioned work for Dennis and Di.  Oil on canvas  627 x 725 mm.

The brief ........ Capture the typical sunset they see from their sea side property.

Painting of the month.'Wet Season Cruise'

'WET SEASON CRUISE' Oil on canvas 600 x 1500 mm.

January 2012 - Display at Mainstreet Gallery, Montville

What a lovely Gallery Mainstreet is. Its great to have work displayed professionally and within the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

From top left and clockwise :- Cruise Across the Interior.

Just Dance.

Time to Rest.

Its a Waiting Game.

Forest Tranquility.

Painting of the month - 'Beautiful Collision'

'Beautiful Collision' Oil on canvas 1050 x 1900 mm. One of my works to be included in the forthcoming solo exhibition at the Tableland Regional Gallery in January 2012.

Now in fourteen countries.

'UNIVERSAL ENERGY' 1050 x 1900 mm. This work recently sold to a private collector in Bangladesh.
I am thrilled to say that this takes the tally to fourteen countries in which Ken Bonner paintings are now held.

Update - The total just went to 15. 'Western Jewel' is on its way to Northern Ireland.

Now showing at the Gallery Beneath - Mooloolaba.

'Return Flight'

Ibis on their way to roost after another perfect day on the Sunshine Coast.

'Universal Eclipse' On exhibition in New York

'Universal Eclipse' is part of the Broadway Gallery, NYC exhibition titled, 'Home and Abroad'.

The painting presented itself to me as a result of discussions and information about the Mayan calendars' critical date of 21st December 2012, when according to myth the end of the world as we know it is predicted to occur and a new world begins.

The work, portrays' a burst and celebration of colour and signifies' hope, new beginnings and the distribution of life's energy force throughout the universe.

'Universal Eclipse' is highly original and is a creation which evolved during many layers of application, incorporating vibrant colour, whilst pursuing the infusion of movement, life, freedom and positive energy.


Painting of the month.


Inspired by seeing the many Egrets and Heron's going about their daily persuit here on the Sunshine coast , where forest and wetlands are in abundance.

Oil on canvas. 1050 x 1900 mm.

SOLD after just 5 days on display at the Mainstreet Gallery in Montville S.E.QLD

La Paz art stock.

Patricia and I have recently moved to base our selves in Noosa Australia.
There are now only three art works remaining in La Paz .
Still available at Casa Tuscany are :-

Homeward bound
Got to break free
Star kissed 2

Please email for price details.

"Homeward bound" 1120 mm x 1680 mm ( 44" x 66" )

Baja Sol and what flourishes beneath.

'Into the light'. This picture represents a small segment of the total painting ( 5% ). It provides a good idea of the colour and detail contained throughout the work.
Diptych. Size = 2 panels each 0.76 x 1.68 m ( 2 x 30''x 66'' ).
Area = 2.57 sq/m ( over 25 sq/ft ).
Croton's grow in many pots in our courtyard garden. This work represents an aerial view of many growing stems clustered around a well of light.
Croton's are colourful enough in their own right so when you add a little Mexican flare and warmth ! ..........Colour-Impact-Fun.

A recent commissioned-triptych

'Awaiting harvest' 3 x 0.485 x1.04 m ( 3 x 19'' x 41'' ) Click on image to enlarge.

The brief given was......... Tuscany colour, bold, olives, contemporary.
This work now resides north of Seattle WA.

Colour and yet more colour

'Golden dawn' 0.76 x1.67 m ( 30''x 66'' ) Click on image to enlarge.

Using colour, colour, and more colour to bring out the feel / anticipation of the pending desert heat soon to dominate the day .

Feature piece

'Eruption' 2 panels each 1.12 x 1.68 m ( 44'' x 66'' ) click on image to enlarge.

When Tres Virgenes, the highest quality resturant in La Paz and possibly the whole Baja asks for a feature piece on their large end wall. What better for the subject than the Tres virgenes volcanic peaks half way up the Baja.

Small for once

'Between thorns' 0.41 x 0.51 m ( 16''x20'' ) Click on image to enlarge.

There are so many vibrant colours to enjoy. Small but high on impact.